Affordable state-of-the-art dispensers.

With three patented models, Med-Pass Unlimited has re-designed the standard vial and cap with

innovative features that provide solutions sought after by patients, doctors, and pharmacists alike.

The new technology provides the capability of dispensing pills and capsules of all sizes from a single

unit along with an identification mark for differentiation. With major innovative technology, yet minor cost, Med-Pass Unlimited is able to supply the industry with affordable state-of-the-art dispensers.

Having changed the way standard vial and caps operate, the units have drastically improved the way pills

and capsules are handled. With only the needed amount dispensed, the remainder of the pills are protected from hands, humidity, and contamination. The dispensing cap prevents medication from being lost, and most importantly puts ease and accessibility at your finger-tips. Designed with child safety in all dimensions, Med-Pass Unlimited products are the ultimate advancement for prescription and over-the-counter drug packaging.

The Avail

As a versatile and adjustable unit, The Avail is designed to dispense both capsule and pill. The vial contains an adjustable sleeve to accommodate pills and capsules of any size.  A cap, vial, indexing cup, and rotary nest allow this 4 piece unit to function with ease. A simple turn of the cap, engages the rotary nest to receive the designated pill or capsule. The intended chamber receiving the medication is housed within the rotary nest until ready for dispensing. The user only applies a turn of the cap, a single medicant is dispensed to the user for their medical needs. The unit is also designed with an upper and lower locking feature for preventative measures. The entirety of the dispenser is made of plastic with a vial size of 42mm width x 75.5mm height. Colors may vary upon availability.

The Matrix

Designed to replace our current and ineffective system in pharmacies, the unit comes preset to pharmaceutical needs. This model is currently only suited to dispense pills. The only job of the pharmacist is to fill the prescription and pre-set the indexing disk for pill size. With a semi-permanent cap and touch free experience, the patient is protected from loss or contamination of pills. The cap includes a patented concept whereas the pill size is pre-determined within the cap itself. This gives the pharmacist or user the ability to immediately pre-load the vial according the exact size needed for dispensing. The cap’s pill chambers range from 6mm-12mm making it a useful tool in aiding in medicine administration. The vial has a 40mm width x 76mm height making it very comparable to standard over-the-counter vials issued by pharmacies today. Its unique design also includes perforated cutouts within the vial for the accommodation of different sized pills. The rotary nest itself operates as one unit along with the indexing disk to rotate when the tabs are compressed allowing it to turn left or right to retrieve the medicant. The unit is made of plastic and colors may vary upon availability.

The Vexticle

Simplistic in nature and design, the Vexticle allows both pills and capsules of variable sizes to be dispensed with ease. Designed with the user in mind, the unit comes equipped with a cap, vial, disk, and optional rotary nests for capsules and or pills. The pill rotary nest can accommodate both flat and round pills ranging from 8mm-12mm, whereas the capsule rotary nest is capable of dispensing capsules of assorted sizes as well. With a specialized perforated disk made to fit over the rotary nest to operate as its medicine manager, the user can rest assured that they will be receiving a single medicant at a time. As part of this units design, a pill sizer has been implemented in the cap for a more effective user experience when handling meds of varied sizes. The vial’s standard size is 42mm wide x 76mm height and colors may vary depending on availability.